Conventional Income Limits Update

The income limits have been updated for both HomeReady and Home Possible.


On June 23, 2018, the 2018 HomeReady® income limits will be implemented in Desktop Underwriter® (DU) and published on Fannie Mae’s website.

Home Possible

Effective July 29, 2018, the following applies for all Home Possible® and Home Possible Advantage® Mortgages, with the exception of low-income census tracts. The borrower’s income, converted to an annual basis, must not exceed 100% of the AMI. There will continue to be no income limit for properties located in low-income census tracts where the median income is at or below 80% AMI. Properties located in designated high-cost areas, census tracts designated as disaster areas and minority census tracts will now be subject to the maximum 100% AMI requirement.

Freddie Mac will also be updating Loan Product Advisor on July 29, 2018.

The revised Home Possible® Mortgage income limits and 2018 AMI limits will also be implemented in the Home Possible® Income & Property Eligibility tool on July 29, 2018.