For Non-Warrantable Condos & Condotels qualifying full doc with greatly expanded guidelines for 1-unit properties - all occupancies!

Now you don’t have to turn borrowers away that don’t fit agency guidelines. Our SmartCondo loan allows:

  • Up to $1.5M loan amounts at 90% (Condotel 80%) P/RT - No MI
  • Up to $2.5M loan amounts at 85% (Condotel 75%) P/RT - No MI
  • Cash out loans up to $1.5M at 80% (Condotel 70%)
  • $500K Cash-in-hand/debt payoff
  • 660 min Fico (Condotel 680)
  • Up to 10 Financed Properties
  • 4+ years BK/DIL/SS and 5+ years FC

All loans secured by condos must be reviewed by the NewRez Project Review team prior to approval. A full project review is required. All requests for condominium review should be emailed to projectreview@newrez.com.


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