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We consistently exceed the expectations of our lender partners through superior service, simple processes, and effective communication.
Seller/Servicer To Fannie, Freddie, & Ginnie Mae

Our position to sell and service directly with the agencies allows us to pass pricing, expanded guidelines, and smooth processes to our lender partners.

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A broad suite of loan products and expert guidance to manage risk and increase profitability.

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Our lock desk is operated 8am-8pm EST M-F. Call us directly at 1-877-700-4622. Lock with confidence!

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"I have always believed that choosing your business partners is the most important decision a Capital Markets Manager can make. True partnership is not just about price execution or product offering, but rather being there for one another during the difficult times. We value Newrez’s partnership and will continue working together during these challenging times."
a Southwest Lender
“Our branch has worked with many account reps over the years, but there is no one who has ever been as genuinely happy to help us as our Newrez Sales Manager. And on top of that, he always helps us get the job done. Tom has helped me out of really tight spots on more than one occasion, and I always tell those stories as the unattainable bar for other account reps to try to live up to, but no one ever will.”
a New Jersey Lender
“Newrez has been great to work with. Pricing is great. Post-Closing is great! Turn times are great. Conditions are minimal. Most importantly, the communication has been great. My rep is always available and helps me when needed. I would recommend everyone getting approved with Newrez.”
a Southeast Lender
“We came to partner with Newrez via the Ditech acquisition. The acquisition has proven to be a very valuable business relationship for our firm. Also, we have worked with our rep for many years, so we were very pleased to inherit him as our Newrez Account Manager. Newrez gives us consistently competitive secondary execution as well as a very efficient loan purchase process… Exactly what you want from your correspondent investor partner.”
a Southeast Lender
“Since establishing our relationship with Newrez, it has been a pleasure to work with our Account Management team. Their professionalism, positive attitudes, timely and effective responses, and overall approach are second-to-none. I look forward to a continued mutually-beneficial partnership.”