Submission forms, acknowledgements, disclosures and more.
Name Description
Appraisal Acknowledgement Borrower's acknowledgement of right to receive copy of any appraisal report or valuation developed in connection with their application for credit.
Borrower Authorization for Counseling The Borrower's Authorization for Counseling authorizes the mortgage servicers to refer them to a third-party counseling agency
Borrower's Affirmation of Information Provided To Establish Ability To Repay Affirmation by the borrower that information submitted to determine reasonable ability to repay loan is accurate and true.
Business Purpose Loan Certification - Borrower Use this form for Individual Borrowers to confirm that the Loan is for business, commercial purposes.
Business Purpose Loan Certification LLC Use this form for Entity Name to confirm that the Loan is for business, commercial purposes.
Conventional Condo/Co-op Red Flag Check
Conventional UW Submission Checklist Conventional Underwriting Submission Checklist
FHA Case Number Request Form To order a FHA Case Number, please complete the form in its entirety. Incomplete requests will delay the FHA Case Number from being ordered.
Final Document Transmittal Template Indecomm NewRez/Indecomm uses this document to track the submission of your final documents.
Forbearance Attestation Forbearance Attestation Form
Income Worksheet Use this guide to facilitate the use of the NRZ Income Calculator to accurately determine the gross monthly qualifying income of a borrower.
Loan Purchase Submission Checklist Use this checklist when submitting loans for purchase.
Net Tangible Benefit Worksheet Net tangible benefit worksheet by product. Please note that a state specific NTB worksheet may still be required depending on the property state.
Non-Delegated Government UW Submission Checklist Non-Delegated Correspondent Government Underwriting Submission Checklist
VA Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet Used to determine a borrower's tangible net benefits as it relates to the new loan.
ViewPoint Access Request The ViewPoint Final Docs team will process our final documents and let your organization know any outstanding Final Doc status.

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