Expanding your Capacity with Speed and Ease

At NewRez National Correspondent Lending, it is our mission to exceed the expectations of our lender partners through superior service, simple processes, and effective communication.


Welcome. We recognize that choosing a lender is a significant decision with important consequences for our clients and their borrowers. In today’s ever-changing economic landscape, clients want to know that their lending partners will be there through all market conditions. Our financial backing and our ability to develop and deliver innovative products set us apart from other lenders. It is our goal to offer a wide breadth of industry-leading products, supported by a loan process that blends both human interaction and the benefits of technology into an unparalleled customer experience.

Trusted Advisors

We genuinely care about helping our clients and treating them with respect. We spend time getting to know their needs to find the best possible solution for them.

Product Innovation & Leadership

We’re continually adapting to changing market conditions with a broad portfolio of innovative products that address more of our clients’ real needs.

Ease of Process

Technology streamlines the approval process, improves the customer experience and reduces cost – all without replacing the human element.

Community Investment

Through charitable contributions, outreach and active participation, we are deeply invested in the health and vibrancy of communities across our country. We support the dream of home ownership and help others thrive.


Team Member

“This is an exciting time to be part of the NewRez family of companies. We have grown a solid organization based on quality, service, and organizational agility. We look forward to bringing our clients ever-expanding opportunities as we continue growing and evolving as a lender.”

Kevin Harrigan

President, NewRez
Team Member

Marianne Mainardi

VP - Production
Friendly staff that are always available to answer the phone, respond to an email or help with an issue
Elizabeth C.
Fast response times and knowledgeable staff are a must in this business, we feel confident doing business with NewRez Correspondent Division.
Michael S.
I was very impressed with the ease of the approval process and the hands-on customer service I received from the very beginning. The entire staff is proactive and focused on the customer which helps to get our loans purchased quickly.

Get to Know NewRez

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Direct Seller/Servicer

We sell and service directly to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae.

Financial Security

We securitize our own non-agency/portfolio loans.

Expert Guidance

We have the products, expertise, and commitment to help grow your business.

Our Promise

Integrity, Accessibility, Responsiveness, Trustworthiness, & Timeliness.

Our Motto

Better Service. More Solutions. And we stand by it.

Our Mission

Exceed the expectations of our borrowers and partners through superior service, simple processes, and effective communications.