Bulletin 2020-073 California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) - Update

Update to Major Disaster Declaration pertaining to fires in California.

FEMA Declared Disaster in California – Conventional and VA


On August 22, 2020, FEMA announced a Major Disaster Declaration pertaining to fires in California, with an incident date of August 14, 2020. No incident end date has been declared at this time.


On August 26, 2020, NewRez released Announcement 2020-065 stating that purchases would be paused in those counties.


Effective immediately, NewRez is lifting the pause in purchases of Conventional and VA loans in certain zip codes. This applies to the zip codes below in the eight (8) counties that have been identified and designated for Individual Assistance from FEMA.


FHA and USDA loans remain ineligible for purchase at this time.


The requirements below must be met in order to purchase loans in these zip codes:




  • Borrower attestation, signed and dated, that there is no damage and they agree to the closing and funding of the loan
  • Evidence of acceptable insurance policy in place




  • Veteran’s Certification, signed and dated:
    • I have inspected the property located at ____________and find its condition now to be acceptable to me. I understand that I will not be charged for any disaster‐related expenses and now wish to close the loan.
  • Evidence of acceptable insurance policy in place


Please refer to zip code list by county.


As with all disasters, the affected areas are not definitively confirmed until FEMA formally designates such areas, which occurs following the completion of the incident and an assessment of the damage. As a result, we will continue to monitor FEMA announcements for impacted areas in order to update any additional impacted counties.