Bulletin 2021-073 Non-Delegated Underwriting Reminders

Non-Delegated Underwriting Reminders

Newrez LLC "Newrez" Approved Correspondent Clients: In order to receive a more accurate and faster underwriting decision, please review the following points:  


  • If the loan contains something unusual, include a short memo with the loan submission so the Underwriter is aware of it when reviewing the file.
  • All underwriting to clear conditions must be uploaded through Image Central. Please do not email documents, loan details or explanations to underwriting. If a document needs explanation, upload the explanation with the document instead of emailing to the underwriter. To increase efficiency, submit as many trailing docs together rather than piece mailing.
  • Confirm any changes to loan terms or loan amount before a CTC is issued. If changes are needed, the registration desk can be reached at registrations@newrez.com. The loan will automatically return to the Underwriter’s queue once the registration has been updated.
  • If changes are needed after CTC, upload the updated documents via image central before closing or before submitting the loan for purchase.