Bulletin 2023-028 Mortgagee Clause Update

Mortgagee Clause Update

Newrez LLC "Newrez" Approved Correspondent Clients: please note the update to our Mortgagee Clause:


Current Version                                                                      Updated Version

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing                                              Newrez LLC
ISAOA ATIMA                                                                           ISAOA ATIMA
P O BOX 7050                                                                          P O BOX 7050
Troy MI 48007-7050                                                               Troy MI 48007-7050


In addition, for properties located in Texas, the Mortgagee Clause is:


Newrez Mortgage LLC
ISAOA ATIMA                                                                       
P O BOX 7050                                                                      
Troy MI 48007-7050  


Our Transaction Grid and Operations Client Guide have been updated to reflect this change.