Indecomm SFTP Server Migration

Bulletin 2024-022 Indecomm SFTP Server Migration

Newrez LLC "Newrez" Approved Correspondent Clients; on April 15, 2024 at approximately 6:00am Eastern Time, Indecomm will be performing a migration of the SFTP server to a newer version. As a result, the SFTP service will not be accessible during this time which is expected to take about 30 minutes.


Clients will not be able to upload Final Documents via SFTP during this time.


Action Required:  A new set of SSH key pair will be generated while configuring the latest version of the SFTP application on the new server. Clients MUST accept the new key’s fingerprint when accessing the new server for the first time.


The SFTP key fingerprint aids in server authentication by allowing client applications to verify the identity of the server to which they are connecting. It is a unique identifier for the server's public key, ensuring the client communicates with the intended server and not a malicious impersonator


If you require assistance, you can contact Indecomm at: or (877) 272-5250