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We now offer Co-Issue through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Federal Home Loan Bank.

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We consistently exceed the expectations of our lender partners through superior service, simple processes, and effective communication.
Seller/Servicer To Fannie, Freddie, & Ginnie Mae

Our position to sell and service directly with the agencies allows us to pass pricing, expanded guidelines, and smooth processes to our lender partners.

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Our lock desk is operated 8am-8pm EST M-F. Call us directly at 1-877-700-4622. Lock with confidence!

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"I just wanted to give yall a shoutout as your commitment process on my end has been so easy and I love the format the final bid is in. It really helps me tie pricing when double checking the AOT. I really do appreciate it!"
Logan B (Peoples Mortgage Company)
"Our experience with Newrez has been amazing! The entire team has assisted us on the change from Caliber in October, 2021, the staff was professional, courteous and welcoming to say the least. Tom, you have always assisted us when we need you and guided us in the right direction when we were uncertain. I would say what we like most about Newrez is the service we are provided and making us feel comfortable that we matter and our business matters. When we have verbal communication with your staff, they all thank us for our business."
"Any good correspondent lender would be remiss not to have Newrez in their roster of aggregators. Their menu of products and execution options are top of class, as is the ease of doing business and customer service. Newrez does correspondent business the right way, with expertise and understanding. They are traditional in their partnership style, meaning its relationship based and not transaction based. Its nice to still have investors out their like Newrez that “gets it”. We have been pleased working with New Rez for over 10 years and look forward to many more."
Mack M. (Capital City Home Loans)
“Newrez continues to be one of our best correspondent partners. They have solid pricing, streamlined purchase processes, and are always looking to enhance the customer experience and broaden their product offerings.”
Chuck I. (Mason McDuffie Mortgage Corporation)
"As the UW Manager for Pinnacle Mortgage I am responsible for various stages of loan besides just delegated Underwriting to Newrez Guidelines. I wanted to compliment yourself for your consistent excellent customer service that you provide to us constantly and whenever we reach out, you are there, it is amazing!! I also wanted to take this time to thank your website portal support team. It is truly the best correspondent lock desk and password reset set up. They always respond to each call and help immediately. Bravo to that department. In addition, your purchasing review and client contacts we have had from Maria, to now Nancy, are always helpful with stips on files and getting loans funded professionally and timely and with great focus on customer service. In summary, I am honored to work with your staff during the trying times especially what we have gone thru the past few years, they have shown the value of our relationship, and we can always count on NEWREZ"