Bulletin 2020-113 California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) – Mendocino and Stanislaus Counties

Update to California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) – Mendocino and Stanislaus Counties

FEMA Declared Disaster in California


FEMA has added Mendocino and Stanislaus Counties to the list of impacted counties that were previously included in the FEMA declaration, California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA), dated August 22, 2020. This declaration has an incident date of August 14, 2020, and an end date of September 26, 2020.


Please note that Mendocino was previously declared under California Wildfires (DR-4569-CA), on September 4, 2020, and addressed in Announcement 2020-099, for a different wildfire.


Requirements in the Following Zip Codes


The following zip codes are eligible for purchase and will require either an inspection or appraisal as noted below. Refer to Chapter 15, Disaster Policy, for full details.


Conventional and VA Loans


The following zip codes will require an inspection or appraisal for conventional and VA loans, as applicable.



Zip Codes Eligible for Purchase
with Inspection or Appraisal per the Disaster Policy


· 95490



· 95313

· 95360

· 95363

· 95387


The remaining zip codes in the above counties (with the exception of 95428 in Mendocino, Announcement 2020-099) will not require an appraisal or inspection.


FHA and USDA Loans


Purchases are eligible in Mendocino and Stanislaus Counties and an inspection or appraisal will be required for FHA and USDA loans in accordance with Chapter 15, Disaster Policy, as applicable.


As with all disasters, the affected areas are not definitively confirmed until FEMA formally designates such areas, which occurs following the completion of the incident and an assessment of the damage. As a result, we will continue to monitor FEMA announcements for impacted areas in order to update any additional impacted counties.