Bulletin 2022-088 Tax Remittance Policy

Tax Remittance Policy

Newrez LLC "Newrez" Approved Correspondent Clients: please note the following change made to our Operations Client Guide effective immediately. In order for taxes to be paid in a timely manner, please ensure that all parties are aware of the following changes.


Taxes for First Mortgages


Clients are responsible for tax payments due at closing and within 30 days after the Newrez Purchase Date. Loans boarded to our servicing system at the time of purchase and with taxes due during that first 30 days will not be paid by our servicer. Tax due dates will automatically be rolled over and responsibility for timely remittance will reside with the client.    


Please refer to client guide Chapter 9, 901, 902A, and 902B for additional information on Newrez tax remittance policy, including tax due date requirements and tax penalty policies.  All questions or inquiries regarding tax remittances should be addressed to Post Funding Support at PostFundingAdjustmentsMailbox.FTW@Newrez.com.