Bulletin 2020-112 Disasters and Borrower’s Attestation

Disasters and Borrower’s Attestation

Previously Declared FEMA Disasters


Effective immediately for delegated and non-delegated correspondents, NewRez will no longer require a borrower’s attestation for conventional loans for previously declared disasters. This had been announced as a requirement for disasters that needed an inspection for certain zip codes, and an attestation for the remaining zip codes in the county.


The correspondent is required to ensure, based on their representations and warranties, that there is no damage to these properties prior to purchase.


Please note that the requirement for an inspection in certain zip codes remains in place.


Impacted Announcements


This announcement supersedes the following announcements:


  • 2020-100 - California Wildfires (DR-4569-CA)
  • 2020-099 - California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) – Lassen, Trinity, and Tulare Counties
  • 2020-093 - Oregon Wildfires and Straight-line Winds (DR-4562-OR) – Update
  • 2020-091 - California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) – Santa Clara County
  • 2020-090 - California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) – Glass Fire in Napa and Sonoma
  • 2020-085 - Oregon Wildfires and Straight-line Winds (DR-4562-OR) – Updates
  • 2020-078 - California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) – Additional Updates
  • 2020-076 - California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) – Update for All Products
  • 2020-073 - California Wildfires (DR-4558-CA) – Update


Please reference Chapter 15, Disaster Policy for full details.