Submission forms, acknowledgements, disclosures and more.

Name Description
Conventional UW Submission Checklist Conventional Underwriting Submission Checklist
Delivery File Checklist Provided for clients to use as a checklist for the delivery of closed loans. Highlights what comes to Newrez and what is delivered to Indecomm.
Income Worksheet Use this guide to facilitate the use of the NRZ Income Calculator to accurately determine the gross monthly qualifying income of a borrower.
Inter Vivos Trust Checklist Clients dealing with an Inter Vivos Trust who are submitting credit files for prior approval may use this checklist to have the trust reviewed for eligibility.
Loan Exception Request Form Form is used for Prior Approval and Closed Loans to request an exception to Loan guidelines.
Net Tangible Benefit Worksheet Net tangible benefit worksheet by product. Please note that a state specific NTB worksheet may still be required depending on the property state.
Non-Delegated Government-FHA UW Submission Checklist Non-Delegated Correspondent Government - FHA Underwriting Submission Checklist
Non-Delegated Government-VA UW Submission Checklist Non-Delegated Government-VA UW Submission Checklist
Registration Sheet A manual loan registration form to be emailed once completed. (Used as an alternative to registering loan online.)
Sample Goodbye Letter Clients may use this as a Sample to provide to borrower(s) to indicate the loan is being transferred to Newrez.
System Exception Request Form This form is used for exception requests on condos, Escrow Waivers or System Requirements
Client Contact Form Fill out the attached form and email to your Regional Sales Manager to be added to the distributions.

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